The trend of entertainment is always not passing on a linear graph. Absolutely, the current decade is relying upon the internet for every source and so the entertainment medium also. With an unassuming and classy interface coupled with a chic design, the go.roku.com/expressdevice is obviously the best pick from the competitive streaming devices market. Prevailing as the treasure trove of entertainment, you can get tons of insatiable choices for your money. It is filled up with the best selection of worldwide channels and contents that can transform you into an aficionado of entertainment. Just connect to your Roku and explore the new exquisite world of entertainment!

Available Roku models

Roku is not gluing itself to any single rudimentary device model. Taking care of the user preference and providing an affordable entertainment choice, different types of device models with various designs are coming under the Roku lineup. The following are the available Roku models that you can get,


If your crux in choosing the subscription is the quality of the content (i.e.) 4K and HDR, then Ultra is your choice to get ultra-quality contents. This device is coming up with an average size streaming player, where you have to connect via HDMI cable to your TV.


Express+ holds all the features of Roku express, but the nuance is, Roku express+ can be able to connect with the older television models using the composite cables. So, proclaiming to the users, who wants to use the Roku with their old TVs, just grab the express+.


If you want to avail the smooth streaming experience at low cost with the easy portable streaming player, express is here for you. Express package arriving with a little box like a streaming player and a Roku remote. In the Roku lineup, express is balancing all the fascinating features at a nominal rate for the users.

Streaming stick

If you want a simple, easy portable pen-drive like streaming player, then this is the best choice for you. Powerful processor to stream the high-quality contents are packed in a simple box for you. Especially for itinerant persons, you can stream anywhere you want by plugging this stick to your compatible TV.


If you want to experience all the premier quality of entertainment (4K & HDR) seamlessly, premiere would be an affordable choice, comparing to all the other streaming devices under this category. With a sleek design and easy interface, you can stream all your favorite shows and movies at the finest quality.


Same as the Roku premier model, but added up with Roku enhanced remote. With this enhanced remote, you dont need to struggle by pointing straight to the television. Easy point anywhere feature can enable you the effortless navigation for all your favorite shows, movies and channels.

Distinguished features of go.roku.com/express

Perfect home screen list out

By switching on go.roku.com/expressdevice, you can get an easy grouping of all your favorites and trending entertainment shows together under easy classification. The available options are subscriptions, free contents, offers etc. This kind of classification makes everything effortless to spot out peculiar contents. The available free movies and shows are listed out separately.

Roku mobile app

By installing the Roku mobile app in your smartphone, you can grab the following amusing features. Turning the smartphone into remote, launching channels directly from mobile, searching out the shows using the mobile keyboard, able to send music, photos and video etc to TV

Private listening

One of Rokus prominent features in comparison with other streaming devices is private listening. This feature can be availed via the Roku mobile app. Just install the Roku mobile app, plug-in the headphone and turn on the private listening. Now you can watch all your movies & shows, in a personalized way.

Live TV pause

One of the best contemporary features in the streaming entertainment is Live TV pause feature. You dont need to worry when you have missed out your favorite shot in the live match or any scene from your favorite series, you are able to pause easily and playback the program. By availing this feature on Roku, you can pause up to 90 minutes of the show and USB flash drive is needed to record.

Voice search and enhanced remotes

Users have always a concern about the comfort on navigation using the remote. Roku offers voice search enabled remotes and enhanced remotes. For enhanced remote, you just need to pair with the streaming player and point any location for navigating the channels. Simply by giving voice commands also, you can surf through your favorite movies, shows and channels.


Whats so specific in this Roku express model is the anticipating question. Every Roku streaming device model carries its own advantages and extraordinary features. But from the user perspective, it is a very common thing to have anticipation on agglomeration of all such fascinating features under one device at a nominal cost. And yes, Roku express satisfies the above-said thing.

Go.roku.com/express is packed with all such features of compact size, sleek design, easy portable, access to HD contents etc and cost effective too. So this is obviously for the users who want to get seamless high-quality entertainment under their budget. By installing the Roku mobile app, you can avail all the extensive features such as private listening, smartphone remote etc. Transfer your desired files to your express and make your digital diary. With the quad-core processor, you dont need to aggravate by buffering high-resolution contents. Go through with the go.roku.com/express to know complete information about your express setup process.

Know about activation

Unboxing your Roku express package, you can get all the following things

Roku Express Device

A standard IR remote

High-speed HDMI cable

USB Cable

Power cord

Activation steps

  • Go.roku.com/express model can work with all the televisions having the HDMI port connection
  • For better performance without any hindrance, it is always recommended one to connect the express player and TV using the High-speed HDMI cable from the package
  • Using the adhesive strip, you can attach your express player comfortably with your television

Initial device setup

  • In the first place, take the power cord from your express package
  • Connect the small end of the power cord to the express streaming device and power adapter to the wall outlet
  • Locate the HDMI port at the rear end of your television
  • Insert one end of the HDMI extender cable to the TV port and another end to the express player
  • Insert the batteries to your remote compartment firmly and close the panel


After powering on,

  • Once the connections are made, turn on your express streaming player and television
  • You can see the Roku logo at first, followed up by some prompts
  • Do the initial configuration such as selecting the language, time, date, location
  • Scroll through the available options, select your choice and press the OK button to confirm


  1. After finishing the initial configuration, in the Roku home menu, go to the settings and select the Network option
  2. Under the network, type choose between the wired and wireless connection modes
  3. If you are connecting using the Ethernet cable, then select the wired connection mode and your network name
  4. Otherwise, select the wireless connection mode, and scan for the available networks
  5. Choose your network name from the list, enter the Wi-Fi credentials and connect to the network
  6. If you are unable to locate your network name, then rescan to see the networks

Roku software

For the first power on, the Roku streaming player will automatically start to download the latest available version of Roku software. Once the download gets completed, reboot your express device. After that, while every time turning on the device, the device will check for the latest upgrade.

Set the display resolution

In the settings, tap the Set display type option, your express will automatically detect the best resolution based on your TV brand and compatibility. Otherwise, manually do this step by accessing the display type option under the settings later. You can also select the display type for Roku resolution adjustment.


In order to load the contents on your express device, the primary requirement is the Roku account.

New users can follow the below-mentioned steps to create a new Roku account,

  1. In your browser, go to the https://my.roku.com/signup site and enter all the necessary information in the field
  2. Accept to the terms & conditions and click continue button to create a new Roku account
  3. You will receive the unique verification code for account activation
  4. Go to the Roku activation site, enter the verification code and click the submit button
  5. In your express device, log in your Roku account by entering the email ID and password
  6. Your express device is now linked to your Roku account
  7. Based on your Roku subscription plan, in the home menu, the channels and movies are available
  8. You can get any worldwide channel under the Roku channel store
  9. For every channel, you have to download the channel app, do the payment transaction and activate the channel app using the channel activation code

And now finally you are done, your express is ready to stream the enticing entertainment

Troubleshooting steps for go.roku.com/express

  1. Always ensure to connect your Roku streaming player to the strong internet network to avoid any channel loading/activation errors
  2. Use the original Roku HDMI cable to connect your streaming device and the TV. If you are using random cables, then probably you might face the performance and content loading errors
  3. Connect your streaming device directly to the power outlet using the power cord. Because of loading high-resolution contents, without sufficient power supply, the player cannot perform up to the maximum yardstick
  4. Flashing red light indication from the streaming player means the player is getting an insufficient power supply & solid red light implies that the device is overheating. Alter your power supply, when you are encountering these indications


Soft Reset

Amid some issues, you have to reset your streaming device to overcome the trouble. Soft reset is done by the remote and hard reset via the streaming device power button.

  • Go to the Roku home menu, select the system and scroll through the options
  • Click the system restart option to reset your streaming device without removing the power cord

Another method is also done via remote, and this step is mostly used while getting the frozen screen.

Press the following buttons in your remote for mentioned times,

  • Home button x 5
  • Up arrow x 1
  • Rewind button x 2
  • Forward button x 2

By doing this step, you can perform the restart

Hard reset

Hard reset is a very simple one, where you just need to press and hold the reset button in your Roku streaming device for some minutes. The power indicator light in the streaming devices will blink fast after performing this action.

For more information on the Roku express device, visit ourgo.roku.com/expressblog section or give us a call at our toll-free number


Our website is a stand-alone service providing assistance with respect to Roku devices without holding any affinity with the brand or their service and hereby also declare that will not be liable and authorized to deal with any warranty claims of such devices.

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